A downloadable game for Windows

This little game is a test.  (For windows only)
I learned unity with tutorials and I wanted to test my knowledge by making this.

All of the sprites, musics, scripts etc.. are made by me. I wanted to do everything by myself. I took about 6 months to make that, in my free time, for a 5-10 minutes game. But I was alone and I'm a beginner, please be kind :)
Of course as I'm not a professional there are some bugs, but I hope you can enjoy the game !

Install instructions

Due to resolution problems, for a best experience, choose 1280x720 resolution and check "windowed".


PaintGirl (FINAL).rar 29 MB


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As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!

A Paint girl game (Adeleine (Kirby) she seems need her own game).

I think it's fine to be a game just made by you (music and sounds are the things what to improve), but the texts about what you did about the game shouldn't be at the beginning and end of the game, They should be in a section of the main menu like "About me & game".

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A lot of sounds was made with my mouth so they aren't very good

Thank you for advice. ^_^
I will create that section when I have time